A handy flowchart do help you figure out this whole Israel-Gaza situation.

A logical appraisal of some of Israeli spokespeople’s most used talking points in justifying their attack on Gaza and the Palestinian people.

As I have argued before, the singular, decisive proposition that draws the proverbial line in the sand distinguishing traditional Islamic theological conceptions of Adam from modern evolution is whether or not the first human being had biological origins. Traditional Islamic thought says the first human being, Adam, was a special, miraculous creation of God, having no parents. Modern science says that it is impossible — theoretically, empirically, historically, etc., — that the first human being was not born of (non-human) parents.

This is a pressing question in the minds of many Muslims. Some Muslims have decided to leave Islam after reaching the conclusion that Evolution is not compatible with Islamic tenets. Also, critics of Islam argue that the religion is unscientific because it rejects Evolution. Muslims are thus put in the awkward position of defending their