In short, science, modernity, Islamic thought, and the interconnections among them.

Evolution is the ultimate test case in the debate on religion vs. science, and the debate on religion vs. science is at the crux of the larger debate on traditional religion vs. modernity.

As such, evolution is a pressing yet sensitive topic for the modern Muslim community. As more and more Muslims are exposed to the philosophy of evolution, the need for a critical Muslim engagement with the subject becomes ever more urgent.

Despite the great need and the even greater stakes, few Muslim commentators have presented a sustained critique of evolution and its underlying philosophy. IslamAndEvolution.com is an attempt toward meeting that need.

Articles, guest posts, videos, and informational graphics (coming soon).

The FAQ page provides a good index to material of interest on the site. The articles and media on the site fall into three broad categories: Evolution vs. Creation, Faith and Science, and Philosophy.

Evolution vs. Creation: Critical analyses of Evolution and Naturalism.
Faith and Science: Alternative perspectives on time and the universe.
Philosophy: Meta-discussion on miscellaneous topics.

About the Editor

About the EditorDaniel Haqiqatjou was born in Houston, Texas. He attended Harvard University where he majored in Physics and minored in Philosophy. He completed a Masters degree in Philosophy at Tufts University. Haqiqatjou also studies traditional Islamic sciences part-time. He writes and lectures on contemporary issues surrounding Muslims and Modernity as well as the intersection of western philosophical thought and Islamic intellectual history. You can contact him at admin@islamandevolution.com. (Twitter: @Haqiqatjou)